Our Services

Virtual Machines

We provide ultra-cheap virtual machines.

Dedicated Servers

We provide affordable dedicated servers.

Cloud Management

We will manage your cloud portfolio and help you migrate at a the lowest fees.

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Cloud Hosting
Cloud Computing
cloud Storage
Automatic Scaling
Virtual Machine Hosting

Use virtual machines to host your own applications, apis, websites, databases, and more.

Cloud Computing

Compute in the cloud using our servers. Run complex algorithms, create artificial intelligence models with neural networks, and more in the CheapVirtualMachines cloud.

Cloud Storage

Use virtual machines to access your own dedicated scaling storage. Host your own databases, install your own storage software, and more with a CheapVirtualMachines virtual machine!

Automatic Scaling

The CheapVirtualMachines virtual machines automatically scale to add additional vCPUs, RAM, and storage. Develop your app and never worry about resource consumption.

Dedicated Analyst

Our team of specialists is here to support you. Their extensive knowledge means that you always have advice. Your dedicated specialist will help you manage your cloud portfolio, and he/she may even help you fix code errors!

from $50 /hour
Start building applications!
Virtual machines from$5/month